Ouça.Lá stands for Listen.There in english.

Ouça.Lá Smart Links is a digital platform that creates and monitor Smart Links for Digital Music Marketing.

You can create a free account on Zamus, our mother platform and you can start to create your Ouca.La Links right now!

Feel free to contact us that we will send you a spreadsheet model to use in our private import tool and generate all Smart Links at once.

No! You can only register your own “Ouça.Lá” for N reasons, but the main ones are:

  1. Traffic data and clicks are made available to the artist owner of “Ouça.Lá” and only interested him;
  2. The attribution of authorship is made that to create the “Ouça.Lá” in every place it appears;
  3. Searches for profiles are made using your registration name;

Of course yes! We have no ownership on your music, we only help you organize and make sense of it, thus increasing your sales!

Artists, labels and digital marketing companies have reported an increase of 36% on average in sales revenues from streaming and downloads using Ouça.Lá Smart Links.

Nós disponibilizamos uma área de analytics que lhe diz exatamente quantas visualizações seu “Ouça.Lá” teve, quantos cliques, para quais serviços seus fãs foram, cidade, estado, país, mobile, entre outras informações.

Esses dados podem ser visualizados por “Ouça.Lá” ou pelo catálogo. Também pode ser selecionado o período, e dizemos exatamente a sua taxa de retorno pela plataforma. 😉

For now we don’t earn anything. We just do a service to the artistic community that is already very deprecated and explored by record labels and technology companies.

Soon we will launch paid services, cheaper then competition and with much higher financial and promotion return.

Join us and see it!!!

💗 Zamus, O Novo Mercado da Música.


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